The virtual receptionist is a versatile tool that can do everything from directing incoming calls to sharing important information such as your business operating hours and weekly specials. Best of all, it is included as part of your Ooma Office account.

How do I get started with the virtual receptionist?

When you activate your Ooma Office account, your virtual receptionist will be created and set up automatically. Your default setup includes a text-to-speech voice greeting personalised with your company’s name. You can press 0 to connect to your first Ooma Office extension.

You can configure many of the settings for your virtual receptionist. To get started setting up your account, log into your Ooma Office Manager portal and visit “Receptionist” under the “Manage” tab.

From there, you can configure the following settings and options:

  • Choose “update your text-to-speech greeting” or “upload an audio file.” Learn more.
  • Set up your business hours and holidays, and configure different greeting options for business hours and after-hours. Learn more.
  • Direct your calls to a virtual extension, physical extension, ring group, or voicemail box through either “Key Press Assignments” or “Dial-By-Extension.” Learn more.
  • Check an extension’s voicemail remotely. Learn more.